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Is Luxury Drug Treatment For Me?

How can you tell whether a luxury drug treatment is the best choice for you and your unique situation though? By comparing each possible program. readmorebuttonblue

Which Rehab Center Is Right For Me?

Before choosing any program or facility for your treatment needs it is important to evaluate each possibility very closely. readmorebuttonblue

Valiant Recovery May Be The Answer

Being drug addicted can feel like a lifetime sentence, and you probably feel like it is impossible to get a full recovery. readmorebuttonblue


“I walked into the doors of Valiant Recovery a broken person. I was met with love, caring, and positivity. The counselors are truly amazing and the support staff are loving and truly do care...”


Chilliwack, BC
” I Came here Broken and I left Whole. I wanted my Life back and Valiant Recovery gave me that and soo much more. Where there was once only darkness I now see a shinning ray of Light. ”


Alberta, Canada
” The feeling of being loved and respected is something I haven’t received in a long time and forgot how it felt until now. You changed my whole outlook on life and it’s now worth living..."


Vancouver, British Columbia