Co-Occuring Disorders

co-occurring disorders

A mental health center may be needed if signs of mental instability appear. This can include frequent mood swings, changes in friends or activities, confusion or incoherent talking, and other symptoms. Another sign that a mental health center may be needed is changes in sleeping habits. Someone who is bipolar will experience ups and downs, and may sleep a lot at times and then seem to need almost no sleep at others. Depression can cause a person to sleep more than usual, and this is a sign that help is needed. High risk behavior is also a sign that a mental health center should be considered, because this can be a sign of mental illness or a sign of substance abuse.

Seeking treatment at a mental health center is no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed. Millions of people in the USA suffer from some type of mental disorder, and millions more have issues with substance abuse. If you or someone that you know needs help, whether it is for substance abuse, a mental disorder, or both, then Valiant Recovery can give the help needed. We are a mental health center and rehab that specializes in dual diagnosis treatment.

Both mental disorders and substance abuse can affect the way that you think, feel, and act, and a mental health center is better able to handle both issues at the same time. Valiant Recovery has a number of facilities, including the newest location in Venice, Florida, and we offer treatment in a luxury setting and upscale environment. We are not a typical mental health center, we offer much more. You can get the help and treatment that you need and want in a setting that is comfortable and stress free.

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