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Top Quality Addiction Treatment. Help for Drug and Alcohol Dependency in Punta Gorda Florida.

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Success rates of past clients are based on clients whom are currently clean and sober,
or clean and sober at last contact with a minimum 1 year of sobriety.

Valiant Recovery Overall Success rate:67.27%
Success rate of Clients who stayed longer than 1 month:
(includes client stays of 45-120 days)


“I walked into the doors of Valiant Recovery a broken person. I was met with love, caring, and positivity. The counselors are truly amazing and the support staff are loving and truly do care...”

Sonia B.

” I Came here Broken and I left Whole. I wanted my Life back and Valiant Recovery gave me that and soo much more. Where there was once only darkness I now see a shinning ray of Light. ”


” The feeling of being loved and respected is something I haven’t received in a long time and forgot how it felt until now. You changed my whole outlook on life and it’s now worth living..."

Bob M.