What Are Mental Health Services?

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What Are Mental Health Services?

what are mental health servicesWhat are mental health services? Mental health services are services which are intended to treat mental disorders, such as depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Mental illness and substance abuse are often related, and the person with the mental disorder may start using drugs in an attempt to self medicate. Because of the high percentage of individuals with a dual diagnosis, which is a diagnosis of substance abuse and a mental disorder, mental health services should be provided by any rehab facility. Often a dual diagnosis is difficult to accurately diagnose, because the substance abuse can interfere with the mental illness symptoms and diagnosis.

Mental health services can include a number of treatments. For patients who require medication but can not remember to take then on schedule mental health services can include an initial diagnosis, medication for the mental illness, and someone to give the medication on the required schedule. Medications are not the only services offered though. Mental health services can include group therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions, and other services as well. Alcohol and drugs can create havoc in your life, and if you have an underlying mental disorder then the effects are magnified many times over.

Valiant Recovery offers both substance abuse treatment and mental health services. If you suffer from a mental disorder and use drugs or alcohol it may be difficult to make a diagnosis until the substances are eliminated from your body, and you are no longer under the influence. Our trained professionals can help determine exactly what the mental disorder is once the substance abuse is eliminated, and then determine the best way to treat this illness. Mental health services are essential to get your life back on track if you suffer from any form of mental disorder, and at Valiant Recovery we can provide these services in a professional yet compassionate manner.

Not everyone requires mental health services, but for those who do Valiant Recovery can meet these needs. Your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing is our goal, and we combine the most effective substance abuse treatment methods possible with mental health services of the highest quality. The result of this combination is a recovery that is complete, and that will last for life. If you have a problem and need help then why not choose the best program available, one that even offers a conditional treatment guarantee? Valiant Recovery can help you live the future you are dreaming about, one without drugs or mental instability.

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