Cocaine Facts

cocaine factsCocaine is an illegal street drug that goes by many names, and has different forms. Names on the street for cocaine include toot, coke, snow, powder, rock, crack, flake, white pony, and many others. This drug originates from the coca plant, which is native to South America, and can be used in powdered, rock, or liquid form. Cocaine is classified as a stimulant, because it causes the central nervous system to speed up, and the drug can be very highly addictive. The powdered form is snorted, and is usually cut with other substances, including cornstarch, sugar, flour, vitamins, formula, and even baby laxatives.

cocaine factsCocaine can also be found in a rock or liquid form. Rock cocaine is smoked through a pipe, and the drug is not in a water soluble form.




The powdered form of the drug may also be mixed with water so that it can be injected into the bloodstream directly. No matter which form the drug is in when it is used, the effects can be dangerous or even deadly. Overdoses occur every day across the USA, and people of all ages die from using the drug. Cocaine is illegal in any form, and the rate of addition for this drug is high.


The rock and injectable forms have a somewhat higher addiction rate, but even the powdered form can quickly lead to addiction.

A cocaine addiction requires intensive residential treatment, and the relapse rate for this drug is very high. Some users have a preference over which form of the drug is used, but others switch between them depending on what form of the drug is readily available. Without effective treatment a cocaine addiction will not go away, instead it will only continue to get worse. There are many rehab facilities which advertise treatment, but if the most effective methods are not used then the best results can not be achieved.

Valiant Recovery offers cocaine addiction treatment that is very effective, and highly successful concerning long term results. The use and abuse of this dug can cause your life to spiral out of control, and a typical rehab does not usually offer the best results.


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This drug does not have to ruin your life, help is available and is only a phone call away. If you or anyone you know needs treatment Valiant Recovery can help you get a new start and fresh perspective on your future.


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