What Is Meth?

What is meth? Meth is methamphetamine, which is a drug that has very limited uses and is illegal if used without a valid prescription and legitimate medical need. What is meth used for? In a small number of cases this drug may be prescribed for narcoleptic patients and is used for some cases of ADHD. Some obesity specialists may prescribe meth to patients who are morbidly obese and need to lose weight for health reasons as well. What is meth? When used legally this drug is a prescribed medication, but there is a large illegal market for it and meth is popular as a street drug.

What is meth used for illegally? Many individuals use this drug illegally because of the stimulant effect that it provides. Meth offers the same type of high that cocaine does, but the effects of meth last longer. What is meth? It is a dangerous drug that was first created in 1919, and it is commonly believed that Adolf Hitler received daily injections of this drug and that this drug use caused his mental instability and decline. What is meth called on the street? Meth may go by many names, including speed, crank, crystal, ice, the poor mans coke, and numerous others.

What is meth? Only one of the most addictive drugs on the street, and one that devastates lives and families every day. This drug is responsible for thousands of deaths each year, and many more criminal cases where no death is involved. The process of creating this drug involves highly toxic and volatile chemicals, and explosions, burns, and other accidents frequently occur at meth labs. What is meth abuse? Abuse can occur even if the drug is legally prescribed for a valid medical condition, if the drug is taken more often or in larger doses than what is prescribed.

What is meth addiction? An addiction to meth occurs after the drug has been used at least once, and usually more often. If the drug is stopped then withdrawal symptoms may occur. Individuals addicted to this drug often steal, and violence is common because of the effect that meth has on the central nervous system. What is meth classified as? Meth is classified as a Schedule II Controlled Substance. This means that there are some legitimate medical uses for the drug, but the potential for abuse and addiction is very great. If you or someone that you care about has a meth addiction there is treatment available, and Valiant Recovery can help you take your life back.

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