The Facts About Meth

facts about methKnowing the facts about meth is crucial, because using this drug can have serious consequences. What is it about meth that makes this drug one of the biggest problems in society today? Meth, also called methamphetamine, is a stimulant drug that speeds up the central nervous system. This drug is highly addictive, and it can be snorted, smoked, or injected directly into the bloodstream. If the facts about meth show that this drug is very addictive and destructive then why is it legally prescribed in the USA for certain conditions? Because under strict medical supervision certain medical conditions such as ADHD and obesity can be treated using this drug.

The facts about meth show that this drug is a problem for society when it is abused, and there is a large market for the drug on the street. An addiction to meth frequently leads to domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect, theft, violence, and many other criminal acts. The facts about meth also show that this drug causes many health problems and medical conditions up to and including death. Meth has been around since 1919, and while legally available today the known facts about meth have caused the medical community to use extreme caution when prescribing this drug.

One of the most concerning facts about meth is the highly addictive nature that this drug has, and this is true no matter how the drug is used. When meth is smoked or injected the addictive potential is slightly higher, but even snorting this drug can lead to addiction on the first use. The facts about meth show just how dangerous this drug is, yet it is used by tens of thousands of Americans every day. An addiction to this drug is one of the biggest causes of criminal court backlogs, an increase in children in protective state custody, and numerous deaths each year by innocent citizens.

The facts about meth show just how harmful this drug is, and the treatment statistics are alarming. Most rehabs offer a standard treatment and a one size fits all plan, and this is not effective. Facts about meth treatment show that one on one counseling for numerous hours each week is required for the addiction to be effectively treated. Valiant Recovery is a rehab that can provide the desired results, and the Venice, Florida facility is the newest place where addiction treatment can be found that actually works. A brighter future is possible, when you get the treatment that you need and deserve.

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