Alcohol Abuse And Addiction Facts And Statistics

  • alcohol statisticsMore than 50% of all fatal accidents each year involve alcohol
  • Violent behavior because of the use of this substance accounts for approximately forty nine percent of murders, fifty two percent of rapes, twenty one percent of suicides, and sixty percent of child abuse
  • Alcohol is the most commonly used and widely abused psychoactive drug in the world
  • In 2006, more than nineteen percent of drivers ages 16 to 20 who died in motor vehicle crashes had been drinking
  • Alcoholism is a major health problem across the globe, and this disease ranks right up there with cancer and heart disease as a health threat. The alarming rates at which addiction is on the rise makes this problem a threat to all areas of society
  • The rates of alcohol and drug addiction are highest among adults aged 18-29
  • Of the more than seventeen hundred traffic fatalities among children age birth to fourteen years a few years ago roughly one out of every six, or around seventeen percent, involved an alcohol impaired driver
  • One in ten people who drink become alcoholics. Addiction can occur even if alcohol is only used a few times
  • The children of alcoholics are four times more likely to become alcoholics than children of non alcoholics
  • The younger you are when you start drinking, the greater your chance of becoming addicted to alcohol at some point in your life. More than 4 in 10 people who begin drinking before age 15 eventually become alcoholics
  • The use of alcohol and illegal drugs is one of the biggest causes of death and injury among teenagers and young adults
  • Alcohol is the oldest and most widely used drug in the world, and more than one hundred thousand deaths each year are caused by this substance
  • It is estimated that between ten and fifteen million people in the United States who have a problem with or addiction to alcohol
  • Incidents which are caused by drunken behavior include violence, vehicle accidents, criminal activities, and disturbances take up more police resources that any other factor
  • Alcohol use and abuse are partly responsible for the high national health care costs, and cause tens of thousands of hospital stays and emergency room visits if not more
  • There are an estimated four and a half million adolescents who are problem drinkers


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