Facts About Heroin

facts about heroinThere are many facts about heroin that show just how dangerous this drug can be. Information about heroin is commonly available, and the destructive nature of this drug is clearly documented. Despite these facts the use of heroin has continued to rise in the USA, and thousands of deaths each year are caused by the use of this drug. The facts about heroin include the schedule and classification of the drug, which shows that there is no legal medical use or legitimate need for it. Heroin can be snorted, smoked, or injected, and this drug is extremely addictive even with the first use.

The facts about heroin show that the use of this drug crosses all age groups, geographical areas, and economic groups. According to the facts about heroin more than three million people aged 12 years old and older in the USA have reported trying this drug at least once, and slightly more than 75,000 teenagers between 12 years old and 17 years old have tried this drug. One of the most alarming indicators about heroin use is that roughly two percent of all high school students in the USA report using the drug at least one time, and about half of these respondents chose to inject it.
One of the most well known facts about heroin is just how addictive this drug can be. Many individuals will become addicted after only using the drug once or twice. Using the drug is very dangerous, and this is even more true if it is injected because of the risk that comes with using or sharing hypodermic needles. Medical information about heroin use includes the fact that frequent infections are common, and the location of the infection will depend on the form of drug use. If the drug is injected then the wounds from the needle may become infected, while snorting the drug can lead to sinus and lung infections. Smoking heroin can cause lung infections as well.

The facts about heroin show why using this drug is a terrible idea, but addiction to the facts about heroindrug is the reason why so many continue to use it. Without treatment the substance abuse and the effects will continue to grow worse. What about heroin treatment, which treatment method is the most effective? If money is not a consideration then one on one counseling should always be included in any treatment plan, but this method can be expensive. At Valiant Recovery individual counseling is offered a number of times each week, and this includes the new Venice, Florida facility as well as others.


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