What Is Heroin?

what is heroinWhat is heroin? Heroin is a Schedule I Controlled Substance, which means that there is no legitimate medical use for this drug, and the abuse and addiction potential are extremely high. What is heroin? Heroin is an opiate, which means that it originates from opium which comes from a specific strain of poppy plant. The drug acts very quickly, and it is illegal to possess or use for any reason. What is heroin? A drug that has no medical use, and is only available illegally on the street. This drug can be found in powdered or solid form, and the black solid variety is often called black tar heroin.

What is heroin called on the street? Heroin goes by many different names. These include smack, horse, junk, big H, dope, diesel, poppy, thunder, china white, and many other names. An ironic fact is that one of the street names for this drug is dead on arrival, which is how many users arrive at the hospital. What is heroin overdose? This is a medical condition that frequently occurs when this drug is used. Even a small miscalculation in the dose can lead to a life threatening health problem, and users who have cleaned out have no tolerance. What is heroin? A drug that causes thousands of deaths each month in the USA.

What is heroin abuse? Any use of this drug is abuse, because there is no medical or prescription use. Heroin is so addictive that even a single use of the drug can create problems. The drug acts on the central nervous system and nerve impulses, so that respiration slows and may even stop completely, leading to death. What is heroin abuse versus heroin addiction? Some individuals may abuse the drug once or twice without getting addicted, but for most users this is not the case. An addiction occurs when the drug has affected or altered the brain chemistry, so that stopping the drug use leads to withdrawal symptoms.

What is heroin addiction treatment, and how effective are these programs? Heroin has a bad track record, and many who receive treatment for this substance abuse will relapse because of the strong addiction that occurs. Heroin addiction has caused child abuse, the murder of a child, child neglect, and spousal abuse, and can tear a home and family apart. What is heroin? A drug that is commonly abused, and that can have deadly consequences. If you or someone else has a problem with heroin call Valiant Recovery, and find out about effective treatment programs that really work.

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