Prescription Drug Abuse Is On The Rise

prescription drug abusePrescription drug abuse is becoming a big problem across the USA, and no city or rural area is exempt from this issue. Prescription drug abuse is often not viewed as substance abuse, especially if the individual abusing the drugs is the one the prescription was written for. Any drug can be abused, whether is is a prescription medication or a street drug.

Prescription drug abuse may occur in two different ways. The individual may be taking a controlled substance for legitimate reasons, such as surgery or a medical condition, but over time addiction sets in and the drug use is not stopped when directed by a physician.

Prescription drug abuse also occurs when these drugs are obtained legally but then sold or given away to others, or are stolen and then sold on the street. This is a common occurrence, and the Drug Enforcement Agency keeps close oversight on all controlled substances prescribed in the USA because of this. Prescription drug abuse can lead to medical and health problems, legal troubles including arrest and incarceration, financial difficulties, and other problems. Anyone who has a prescription drug abuse issue requires immediate treatment for substance abuse, and if treatment is not received then the abuse will worsen as time goes by.

The high rate of prescription drug abuse is a big cause of concern for government officials and medical professionals. The types of prescription drugs abused can range from sedatives and narcotics to stimulants and even antibiotics at times. Symptoms of prescription drug abuse can include requiring a medication refill sooner than normal, because the drug is taken in larger amounts or sold, and drug seeking behavior is common. The abuser will visit a number of doctors and clinics looking for a prescription. If it is not possible to get a prescription then the user may turn to illegal methods to obtain the drug instead, and this is dangerous as well as illegal.

Prescription drug abuse is a very serious issue, and if you need treatment for this problem or you know someone else who does then Valiant Recovery can help. Substance abuse treatment must include individual counseling, together with numerous other treatment options, and if this is not offered then you will not be able to reach a full recovery. Prescription drug abuse can be effectively treated, so that you get the results you both want and need. Your life does not have to continue to spiral downwards.

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