Drug Rehabilitation Centers: Which One Is Right For You?

Drug Rehabilitation CentersDrug rehabilitation centers can be found across the world, and come in many different types and philosophies.  Some drug rehabilitation centers use the medical model of treatment, others use only spiritual methods, and still others view drug abuse as a lack of will power and self control.

Before choosing any program or facility for your treatment needs it is important to evaluate each possibility very closely.

There are drug rehabilitation centers which offer only the most basic types of therapy, and these will not give excellent results. This type of facility normally has a high relapse rate, and many rounds of treatment may be required.

Some drug rehabilitation centers offer the latest and most successful treatment methods no matter what the cost is. These may be called luxury or upscale drug rehabilitation centers, and they do normally offer better results but this comes at a higher price. Not all luxury facilities provide highly effective treatment though, some only offer a luxury experience with very little treatment involved.

Drug rehabilitation centers may or may not be covered by your health insurance plan, but most plans do not cover substance abuse. Luxury programs are not usually covered under any health insurance, which means you must pay for the cost of your treatment.

Drug rehabilitation centers are all different, and will offer different types of therapy. Research has shown that facilities which offer a wide range of choices normally get better results.

Drug rehabilitation centers Valiant Recovery is one of the top drug rehabilitation centers in the world and offers several locations, the newest in Venice, Florida. All of the Valiant Recovery facilities offers equine therapy, art, group and individual counseling, and much more. You can choose a program that is crowded and ineffective, or you can choose one that has a history of results and a high success rate.

Some drug rehabilitation centers offer dorms and bunk beds, and this setup does not allow for privacy or the ability to be alone to work through issues.


The Valiant Recovery drug rehabilitation centers feature semi private rooms, along with fine dining, elegant furnishings, and exquisite decorations. If you have a drug problem then the first step is finding the right facility to get treatment.

If you do not receive treatment then this problem will continue to get worse. When evaluating each choice on the list make sure you know what the recovery rate is for each program. This will ensure you get the best results possible.

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