Intervention Assistance and Support

The primary symptom of addiction is denial.

denialIt doesn’t matter whether the addiction is to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or eating, the addict will deny that they have any problem regardless of how severe current circumstances may be. As family members or friends, it is very difficult to stand by and watch a loved one go through the pain and suffering caused by addiction.

An ‘Intervention’ is a meeting that is pre-planned, usually by family and friends, with the intent to help convince an addict to seek professional care and assistance with their addiction. Intervention methods rely strongly on incorporating the entire family unit and friends in an effort to see everyone involved receive help, especially those who are co-dependent and enabling the addict. This type of treatment puts emphasis on the importance of everyone getting involved and becoming healthier while treating the addict with respect and dignity.

Often direct interventions are held by a trained interventionist along with the concerned group of family and friends. At Valiant Recovery we offer assistance in performing an intervention for a loved one. Confronting an individual with addictions can be stressful, frightening, and upsetting to all who are involved. And this is why our Intervention Assistance can be so useful. Our interventionists can meet with the group that is concerned about their loved one, to discuss, and plan a strategy for confronting the addicted person. An intervention is the first big step in getting a loved one to seek treatment. We are here to assist you and make sure that happens.

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