Substance Abuse Addiction Considerations And Facts

substance abuse factsTreatment for substance abuse addiction issues can vary, because each rehab program will use certain methods and techniques in an attempt to help you recover from the hidden traumas. Some substance abuse addiction treatment facilities may offer group therapy as the main option, and these programs typically have high failure rates. Group therapy does have a place in treating substance abuse addiction, but other methods also need to be offered as well. Group sessions can not uncover hidden contributing factors and if individual counseling is not also included then a relapse is a very high possibility. If a relapse occurs then additional treatment is normally required.

The cost of substance abuse addiction in the USA alone is staggering, especially when the cost of lost productivity, criminal charges and crime, and health problems caused by drug or alcohol use and abuse are included. More than half a trillion dollars, roughly six hundred billion dollars a years, is spent due to substance abuse addiction issues in the United States on a yearly basis, and experts predict that this number will continue to rise. This includes emergency room visits and medical care needed for substance abuse related health conditions and problems, and the cost to incarcerate and try individuals for drug and alcohol related charges.

There are also many factors that do not show in the substance abuse addiction costs. Each year the rate of violence linked to alcohol and drug abuse continues to rise. Domestic violence, child abuse, and child neglect are all tied to substance abuse addiction problems, and tens of thousands of children and family members are victimized yearly because of these activities. Academic failure, the loss of a job due to drugs or alcohol use, family breakups, children being taken into state protective custody, and other problems all these issues frequently stem from the use of substances and an addiction.

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