What Is Addiction?

addictionWhat is addiction? While millions of Americans suffer from this problem most can not define it. What is addiction? According to most definitions an addiction is a brain disorder, one that is chronic but that can be treated. At times it may seem impossible for an addict to control their emotions and actions concerning the substance they are addicted to. What is an addiction? It is a condition that will last for life, but that can be treated and managed with the proper methods so that a full recovery is reached. Addiction does not have to control your life, because there are programs that can help.

The answer to “what is addiction” varies, depending on the view of the person asked the question. Some view an addiction as a lack of willpower, but this is not the case. What is an addiction? It is a mental disorder that interferes with the ability of the addict to stop using a substance even though continued use has many negative consequences. What is an addiction? This disorder can lead to health problems, organ damage, legal issues, incarceration, and even violence at times. Addiction affects every area of society, and is responsible for most of the cases in the criminal justice system.


What is addiction? It is a mental disorder that creates a lack of control over the use of a substance, and results in chemical changes in the brain caused by alcohol and other drug use. Addiction leads to behavioral changes, because of the modifications caused by drug use over time. When a person addicted does not have the substance then the altered neurochemistry creates cravings and withdrawal symptoms. What is addiction? Addiction can be physical, psychological, or both. This disorder can lead to poor health, financial and legal problems, and even organ failure and death.

Knowing exactly what is addiction can help determine if you have a problem and need treatment. If drugs or alcohol have caused your life to spin out of control, if you have financial problems or face criminal charges because of substance abuse, then you need help. What is addiction? Addiction is a treatable disorder that can be stopped with the right treatment, but without help this disorder will continue to worsen. In many cases addiction treatment is not effective, because the right methods are not involved in the treatment process. At Valiant Recovery individual therapy is combined with many other treatment methods, to ensure effective results that give a permanent recovery.

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