What Is An Addiction?

what is an addictionExactly what is an addiction? This term means different things to different people. The medical answer to “what is an addiction” is that an addiction is a chronic disease of the brain which results in the compulsion to use drugs even though the negative consequences of these actions are known and understood. What is an addiction? It is a disorder that causes a great deal of harm to the substance abuser, those around the addict, and even the rest of society as a whole. Addiction starts with voluntary drug use, but over time the chemical changes in the brain of the user can affect the ability of the user to stop.

What is an addiction? This disorder can be treated if you are serious about getting help, but for many users the pull of the substance is very strong once the addiction sets in. What is an addiction? This is one of the disorders which has a very high relapse rate unless the treatment provided is highly effective, and includes specific treatment methods and techniques which have been proven to be successful. Answering what is an addiction means understanding the chemical changes that take place when substance abuse is a frequent activity.

The answer to what is an addiction will depend on which theory of addiction is believed. Some treat addiction like a chronic medical disease, with the belief that the addict has no control over their actions and should not be held responsible. Other treatment programs use individual therapy and one on one sessions to uncover the root causes of the original trauma that leads to the substance abuse, and this may be sexual abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, or other issues. What is an addiction? It is a devastating disorder that can affect every aspect of your life.

What is an addiction? It is is a disorder that can ruin your finances and reputation, destroy your family relationships and close friendships, cause legal and health problems, and even result in death in many cases. At Valiant Recovery we can help you understand exactly what is an addiction, and work through the contributing factors that cause this disorder. Addiction does not have to rule your life, because help is just a phone call away. We can provide the substance abuse treatment that you want and need, whether your addiction is drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, or another type. We also provide dual diagnosis treatment, when a mental disorder and addiction coexist.

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