What Is Drugs Effect On Society?

what is drugs effect on societyWhat is drugs effect on society? There are thousands or even tens of thousands of drugs that are potentially addictive or cause problems, and even the caffeine in coffee and soda can cause an addiction if used in large amounts or over long periods of time. Normally the question “what is drugs effect on society” will bring to mind street drugs though, such as narcotic opiates and drugs classified as stimulants. Sedatives, tranquilizers, alcohol, nicotine, muscle relaxers, heroine, cocaine, marijuana, and many other drugs cause millions of addictions across America, and some of these drugs are legal and others are not.

What is drugs effect on society? To determine this first the specific effect must be looked at. One area of drug use is health problems, and billions of dollars are spent in emergency rooms across the USA each year because of the health effects that drugs can cause. This part of the answer to what is drugs effect on society also needs to look at long term health consequences, such as chronic organ damage and medical conditions. Intravenous drug use over time will cause collapsing veins, infections, abscesses, and many other problems. Just the health issue alone should be enough to keep everyone off drugs, but addiction is not a reasonable state of mind.

What is drugs effect on society? The productivity aspect of drug use needs to be evaluated to determine the true overall effect that drug use causes. Individuals who use drugs miss significantly more time from work, both due to actual health problems and due to not wanting to come in because they are withdrawing from the drugs. What is drugs effect on society in this case?Billions of dollars lost by companies and organizations due to lower productivity. Some experts predict that drug abusers may miss as many as 2-3 days each month, which adds up over time.

What is drugs effect on society? The criminal and safety aspect are other areas where drug use affects everyone in society, not just the user. Individuals on drugs will often commit crimes when money is needed, and the mental instability that accompanies drug abuse makes violence a very real possibility. Domestic violence and child abuse are typically the result of drug or alcohol abuse, and this often results in families being torn apart. What is drugseffect on society? Devastation, that is what drugs cause when they are abused, even though drugs can cure and treat when used appropriately.

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